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May 21, 2006 by retiredmaster
Having had a lot of fun getting the text background to work ok on my per pix title bars (it seems the text background doesn't want to be the same height as the actual titlebar, regardless of the content margins), I now find that it doesn't fit the maximised title bar (which uses the same image as the non-maximised titlebar).

Any expert out there know what might be going wrong?
March 3, 2005 by retiredmaster
Is it possible to have the skin of WMP change when a particular media clip (video) is downloaded? Anyone know?
January 6, 2005 by retiredmaster
When I'm saving a PSD image as a TGA (targa) format file from Photoshop CS I'm losing transparency. I'm obviously doing something dumb... any ideas what it might be? (done this a thousand times in PS7 - is there a setting in CS I didn't set?)
November 20, 2003 by retiredmaster
Although I intended this to be ready for release when the website opened a week ago, due to the fact that I was just too busy to complete them, the site opened with the Tranche9b suite.

Fortunately, I've finished them now, and you can take a look at the link below. Each skin includes a set of wallpapers at six resolutions. The pack is $5, (which is about the same price as your average computer magazine, only more fun).

I hope you like them!

(Don't worry. More not-for-s...
November 10, 2003 by retiredmaster
I finally have my skin site open after a couple of busy months. You should find all my WindowBinds, NextStart, Winamp and wallpapers in one convenient place.

To celebrate the opening, I have a $5 mini-suite available called Tranche9b (you may remember a previous skin - Tranche8) which I hope you will like. This will help pay to keep the site open and provide some encouragement for me! I'll try and keep things updated, and there will be more free skins to download plus more skin packs and...